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Former TVNZ weather presenter proves she still 'has the magic' more than 30 years on

Former TVNZ weather presenter Veronica Allum picked up the latest technology like "a pro" when visiting MetService in Wellington recently.

Allum appeared on New Zealand screens in the 70s and 80s presenting the weather, an example of which can be seen below in a clip from an episode of TVNZ's Top Half from 1986.

Veronica Allum presenting the weather in the 70s and again in July 2020. Source: MetService

MetService today tweeted out an image of Allum presenting weather in the 70s, juxtaposed with an image of her having a crack with the latest technology when she visited the weather bureau's head office in Wellington two weeks ago.

"We recently had a visit from Veronica Allum who was TVNZ's weather presenter in the 1980s," a MetService spokesperson told 1 NEWS.

"She did a tour of the forecast room and our broadcast studio, where she was keen to get back in front of the camera and give the 'new' technology of the green screen a go. And just like riding a bike she was back in the swing.

"Veronica was most struck by the ease of presenting with a clicker as opposed to back in her day, when it was the pointer, the stickers and a mechanical white board when you had to physically pull the following days map over the first one (sometimes the mechanism would get jammed and she’d be there huffing and puffing trying to yank the thing across)."

The spokesperson added that "she also laughed at all the big hair cuts she used to have!"


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